Parramatta has been able to retain large tracts of park and bushland in and around its CBD, making it an uncongested, beautiful city that lends itself to walking, cycling, picnicking, bird-watching and barbecuing.

Lake Parramatta

A highly significant 60km bushland reserve located in North Parramatta with a plethora of native flora and fauna and evidence of Aboriginal occupation. Bushwalking, bbq and nature-gazing...

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Parramatta Park

Beautiful Parramatta Park adjoins the city on its western fringe and offers a wonderful respite from the city's bustling energy. An events venue, the park plays host to symphonies, concerts, road races and tours.

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City Parks

Parramatta has many small parks both in the city and on the fringes of it. They contain a good mix of exercise and sports facilities, dog walking, bbq and picnic equipment and playgrounds.

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Lake Parramatta Brochure

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