Parramatta has always been a meeting place.

The meeting of salt and fresh water brought the Indigenous clans of the Darug together; the area’s first inhabitants and traditional custodians for over 60,000 years. The head of the Parramatta River was home to the Burramatta clan, whose name means 'the place where eels lie down', from which the name of the city was derived.

The river has always been a symbol of the area, having also drawn European settlers who established a colonial settlement in 1788; the city’s collection of heritage sites tell the stories of struggle and survival.

The many cultures that contribute to Parramatta’s eclectic nature have been meeting in Parramatta for decades, each shaping the city with their contributions; from the early years of trade, to the recent influence of food, retail, music and culture.

Today Parramatta is a lively city, a hub of dining, shopping, commerce and entertainment where people come together to enjoy a unique cultural life that is both proud of its past, and excited about its future.

For more information about Parramatta's history speak to Research and Collection Services, based out of the Parramatta heritage and Visitor Information Centre or visit them online.

Parramatta Heritage and Visitor Information Centre