Experience Parramatta on foot! The City of Parramatta offers a range of personalised walking tours and activities with knowledgeable, passionate guides, that showcase our natural and cultural heritage. There are tours to suit the interests of individuals and groups.



Hidden Gems of Parramatta Tour

Sustainable Shopping Tour

Unearth the stories behind Parramatta’s artworks and monuments. Discover street art, hidden murals, food and intriguing laneways. Discover ways to develop sustainable socially responsible shopping habits and learn about the circular economy on this new walking tour of the city centre.



Parramatta Unlocked Tour

      World Heritage Wonders

This succinct and lively tour will help workers familiarise themselves with the dining and entertainment options, shops, facilities and services available in the Parramatta city centre. Explore Parramatta's World Heritage sites and the fascinating mosaic of stories, architecture, and monuments in Parramatta Park.

 Dairy Cottage Tour

Warami Mittigar Tour

 Grab this chance to explore one of Australia's oldest buildings. Take an exclusive tour at the Dairy Precinct in Parramatta Park to delve into the site's fascinating stories and uncover its historical, social and architectural importance to Australia.

This easy walk, along the river and in beautiful Parramatta Park, is a wonderful opportunity to spend time on country with an Aboriginal traditional custodian, learning about connections to land, plant uses, tools, hunting and other aspects of local culture. 


First Contact

Apprentice Archaeologists

Hear the hidden histories unfold of dispossession, trade, friendships and frontier conflicts. Archaeology unearths hidden stories from our past, much like cold case detective work brings to light the truth about past crimes.

Parramatta Heritage Architecture Walk

Colonial Capers

Join us as we launch this brand new tour which focuses on Parramatta’s architectural treasures, revealing their histories and inspirations. Discover the stories of colonial children and delve into the lives of Parramatta’s colourful characters on this interactive tour through the city’s heritage sites.



Parramatta Bike Tours

Discover Parramatta on two wheels. Hire a bike or join a tour to enjoy Parramatta's beautiful cycling tracks.   


The Dictionary of Sydney WALKING TOURS APP lets you experience Sydney’s history in the palm of your hand. Convict Parramatta, the second tour available through the app, is simple to follow with a GPS-enabled map of the route and its stops.

At each stop, detailed text, audio commentary and stunning historical imagery reveal the stories of the people, places, architecture and events that have transformed Sydney.

The tour starts in Parramatta Park in front of Old Government House. Estimated walking time: one hour.

For more information visit the Dictionary of Sydney website