Hidden Gems of Parramatta Tour

     Sustainable Shopping Tour

        Along with our changing skyline, and great recreational opportunities, the
       array of public art in the City of Parramatta has also been growing.
        Learn about the circular economy, discover some hidden gems and pick up
        easy tips and hacks on how to get started on a more sustainable life!

    Parramatta Unlocked Tour

      Step Into Parramatta's Past Tour

      This succinct and lively tour will help workers familiarise
      themselves with the dining and entertainment options,
      shops, facilities and services available in the Parramatta CBD.
        An engaging historic tour of the CBD, looking at how some    
        of our historic sites have shaped the city, enjoying the city’s
        architectural gems and revealing the stories of early inhabitants

      Dairy Cottage Tour

       Warami Mittigar Tour

        Grab this chance to explore one of Australia's oldest buildings.
        Take an exclusive tour at the Dairy Precinct in Parramatta
        Park to delve into the site's fascinating stories and uncover
        its historical, social and architectural importance to Australia.

This easy walk, along the river and in beautiful Parramatta Park, is a wonderful opportunity to spend time on country with an Aboriginal traditional custodian, learning about connections to land, plant uses, tools, hunting and other aspects of local culture.