Parramatta - Discover Where It's At

Our brand is our story and it’s time we shared it with the world.

Parramatta is our home. It’s where we live, play, learn and work. It’s where we’ve created our stories and where we’ve shared them for more than 60,000 years. These stories have transformed our city just as our city has transformed us. 

‘Where It’s At’ is our contemporary story. It celebrates who we are today and pre-empts the version of ourselves we have planned for tomorrow. We are a city transforming. And, now is the time to invest in telling our story to the world.

This isn’t a story we’ve arrived at lightly. ‘Where It’s At’ embodies the energy, ambition, positivity, diversity and passion we’ve heard during two years of community and stakeholder consultations. It’s our story and we want to share it proudly. 

As such, you’ll see our new story in as many places as we can find to tell it. The ‘Where It’s At’ campaign will run on social and digital media, in cinemas, at events, on TV and in newspapers. 

We’ll share it everywhere because we have so much to tell: the game-changing investments that will shape our future, including more than $9 billion in transport infrastructure to ensure that Parramatta is just 30 minutes from anywhere in Greater Sydney. 

Universities that attract the world’s best minds and create world-changing ideas. Major events like Parramasala and Parramatta Lanes that attract people from around the world and celebrate our rich cultural diversity. 

A natural environment that enlivens us and includes the World-Heritage listed Parramatta Park. Iconic architecture that inspires us and reminds us of who we were, who we are and who we want to be. 

And, of course, our sporting venues which are themselves stages for thousands of stories that fill newspapers and occupy tv screens nationally and globally, every day.

All of this is happening now. And now is the time to tell our story. Our city, Parramatta, is Where It’s At.