Top Cycling Tracks in Parramatta
By Nicola Rutzou
Parramatta has so many great cycling tracks for people of all levels of fitness. Get a great bike ride while soaking up the sights as you go.
Off Leash: A Pet Friendly Day Out
Can’t stand to be separated from your furry friend? Fortunately, with these pet-approved pit stops in Parramatta you don’t have to be.
Walking Away From The Crowds
There are lesser-known walks in Parramatta which can be done to get out and about and stay away from crowds.
City Bushwalks
Looking for a healthy way to unwind? Escape the frenetic pace of city living with these stellar walks, which will put you in touch with nature and bring you back to yourself.
Five reasons to visit Lake Parramatta Reserve
Pack up a picnic basket, explore and cool down with a swim at Lake Parramatta Reserve.
Access via Lackey Street, North Parramatta
Parramatta Park
This spectacular, UNESCO World Heritage-listed park provides an idyllic space for the Parramatta and wider community to come together and tells a unique story of Australia's history.
Pitt and Macquarie Streets Parramatta NSW 2150
(02) 9895 7500
Walking and Cycleways
A breath of fresh air and a tranquil scene of natural beauty are never far away in this part of the world. Here are some of the best wide-open spaces to enjoy this Summer. 
Ollie Webb Reserve
Located just a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of Parramatta's CBD is an all-inclusive play space perfect for play dates or weekend visit.
On Two Wheels
Whether it's for exercise, getting around or for fun, here are five cycle routes in Parramatta.
A picnic in Parramatta
12 perfect parks for a picnic, a BBQ and a play with the kids.
Parramatta River
Discover the history and how you can spend time in, on, above or beside the centrepiece of Parramatta.