Accessibility information: Australia Day 2020 in Parramatta
a male and female street theatre performer in fancy dress
Australia Day 2020 in Parramatta is an accessible event. Find out more here
on male and two female members of the Australian band 'Sheppard'
Entertainment - Australia Day Parramatta
Enjoy 15 hours of non-stop entertainment at Australia Day in Parramatta Park across 4 different stages on 26 January, from 6am - 9pm.
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Getting to Australia Day 2020 in Parramatta
Information on how to get to the Australia Day 2020 event in Parramatta.
a male and female street performer dressed in old style clothing on a vintage bicycle
Frequently Asked Questions about Australia Day 2020 in Parramatta
To help you have the best day possible, here are the answers to common questions about Australia Day 2020 in Parramatta.
diptych of young woman with Sydney Festival 2020 logo
Sydney Festival 2020 in Parramatta
Every January, the Sydney Festival starts the new year with a bang, transforming the city with a bold cultural celebration based on critical ideas and cutting-edge art and performance. Enjoy one of Australia's largest annual cultural celebrations right here in Parramatta.

Set out on the road trip of a lifetime, celebrate youth & Western Sydney dance culture, dine on a deliciously funny examination of contemporary culture clash, and broaden your musical horizons with these must-see Sydney Festival offerings in Parramatta.