Phillip Lane Outdoor Dining

Starting Friday 27 November, Phillip Lane will come alive every Friday and Saturday night as an outdoor dining experience with John Belvedere and Lone Star Rib House & Brews serving up fantastic food for the whole family to enjoy.

This project aims to assist local businesses that have been impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Whilst Church Street is impacted by Parramatta Light Rail works, Phillip Lane provides the opportunity for more socially distanced dining in an environment that is at a reduced risk of spreading the virus.

While enjoying a great meal outdoors, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy an amazing artwork suspended above you from Capto Collaborative/ANL Design.

Called Nostalgia Above, this immersive cloud installation combines sounds and visuals into a vivid display to remind us that there is always a silver lining, and that sometimes, you may just need to stop, look up and enjoy the clouds. 

Nostalgia Above is a barometer of social interconnectivity and uses programmable LED bulbs, diffused through clusters of translucent polycarbonate spheres and speakers to create a mystifying experience of sound and light. The installation is a series of clouds suspended overhead.

The clouds come to life through animated narratives that delivers a message about positivity and hope. The narrative’s journey takes the form of different weather patterns, beginning with thunder, progressing to rain and finally sunshine. Each weather lighting sequence is roughly 2 minutes to form an overall narrative of 6 minutes.

This project is proudly funded by the NSW Government.

Feast on Eat Street and parking is on us!

To support our community and local businesses, Council is offering free parking at Eat Street and Riverbank carparks between 6pm and 3am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Find out more.


Phillip Lane Sunset Bike Tours

Join a 30 minute free Riverside bike tour with Parra Bike Tours at sunset, starting at Phillip Lane then heading down to the river, underneath the bridge, and along the beautifully lit bike path, returning back past Riverside Theatre to see the sunset from Lennox Bridge, before returning to the Phillip Lane activation. 

Book a slot at 5, 6, 7, or 8pm every Friday and Saturday night during the Phillip Lane activation (until 19 December). 


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Phillip Lane
3822 Phillip Lane, Parramatta NSW 2150

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