Workshop Program 

Learn about different cultures through their art and play! The whole family can enjoy a range of activities at Parramasala – there are experiences for young and old, so bring your spirit of adventure and creativity, and get ready to explore together in a fun and welcoming environment.

There are sustainable craft workshops including Pacific Island weaving, Indigenous art with eel trap and spear making, plus recycled art workshops run by The Bower (Sydney’s reuse and repair centres).

The air will be filled with the beautiful sounds of Indigenous storytelling, Sufi poetry, plus music including Arabic drumming and West African Rhythms Drum and Dance.

Or if you’re keen to try some new moves, there’s plenty to choose from. Try dance styles including Indigenous, Bollywood, Pacific Island traditional and fire dance, belly dancing, and even a street dancing competition!


You can find the full schedule on the last page of the Festival Program