Masala Taste

By Discover Parramatta

International Food Village: 13 – 15 March
Singapore Airlines Sweet Shoppe: 13-15 March 
International Aromas Festival: 15 March |
11am – 6pm

Treat your taste buds to the flavours of the world on a tasting platter.

The International Food Village is your culinary passport to a mouth-watering array of delectable delights. Soak up the intoxicating aromas of distinct food cultures from across South Asian, African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, and the Pacific. Grab a plate, and immerse yourself in a world of flavor, with a handpicked selection offering the best food experience of the many “flavours of Sydney.”

Swing by the International Aromas Festival, the brand new pop-up cultural precinct at Market Street pairing coffee, sweet treats, chocolate and market stalls, in celebration of the humble coffee bean’s widespread embrace in global cultures. Sample delicious coffee and other brewed pleasures from around the world: from cardamom-infused Turkish coffee brewed in a traditional ibrik, to the famously sought-after Indonesian kope luwak, to the spicy, aromatic warmth of chai, and beyond.

The precinct will also include interactive demonstrations and competitions from contemporary roasters and barristers, showcasing brewing methods and latte art.  

Singapore Airlines Sweet Shoppe

This year, Parramasala also teams up with Singapore Airlines to present our emporium of international indulgences for those with a sweet tooth – the Singapore Airlines Sweet Shoppe.

Our friends at Singapore Airlines have scoured international culinary destinations around the globe, bringing a selection of sweet treats and delectable desserts – from rich flaky baklava, to irresistibly smooth chocolates, and everything in between.