Parramatta Park
This grassy, UNESCO World Heritage-listed park continues to provide an idyllic space for the Parramatta and wider community to come together, 160 years since it was first declared ‘The People’s Park’.
Front Exterior of Hambledon Cottage
Hambledon Cottage
Once home to the Macarthur family, today you can turn back time and experience Hambledon Cottage in all its glory as the cottage remains as one of Parramatta's preserved historical buildings.
Gregory Place & Hassall Streets Parramatta 2150
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Experiment Farm cottage in historic Harris Park
Heritage of Harris Park
Even in this thriving city of close to a quarter of a million people, Parramatta has a rather unique ability to take you back into its history.
Historical Aboriginal artwork of the eel.
Parramatta’s Rich Aboriginal History
More than 60,000 years of Indigenous history make up present day Parramatta’s city and surrounds.
Two people discovering Parramattas rich heritage
Parramatta's Heritage Trail
As the second oldest city in Australia, Parramatta’s history runs deep. Take a walk through the well-preserved historic sites and step back in time through the pre-settlement and early colonial years of the nation.
Old Government House at Parramatta Park
Old Government House
Discover UNESCO World Heritage-listed Old Government House, the oldest surviving public building in Australia right here in Parramatta.
Aboriginal Cultural Activity
Six Indigenous Experiences in Parramatta
Learn about Burramatta culture – from Arrunga Bardo garden, where a wealth of bush food grows, to Third Settlement Reserve, where legendary warrior Pemulwuy battled against colonisation.
Explore Parramatta Park
With over 85 hectares of grasslands, mature trees, gardens and river frontage Parramatta Park provides a leafy, idyllic escape from the CBD.
Pitt Street and Macquarie Street Parramatta
Parramatta Female Factory
Parramatta Female Factory
We take a look at the rich and significant history of the Parramatta Female Factory.
Tour at Old Government House
11 Parramatta historical experiences
Discover some of the significant pieces of Australian history housed in Parramatta.
Experiment Farm
Experiment Farm Cottage
Discover the story of James Ruse’s transformation from convict to pioneering man of the land, the stuff of Australian legend.
9 Ruse Street Harris Park 2150
(02) 9635 5655
Parramatta River
Parramatta River
Discover the history and how you can spend time in, on, above or beside the centrepiece of Parramatta.
Elizabeth farm
Elizabeth Farm
A remarkable piece of Australia’s early European history sits modestly among the houses and flats of suburban Parramatta. Elizabeth Farm was the residence of wool pioneer John Macarthur and his family from 1793.
70 Alice Street Rosehill 2142
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