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The Chilean-Colombian band, Los Pitutos, will transport Parramatta audiences to a bygone world of sultry Latin American nights in a special performance at Riverside Theatres on Sunday 12th May. 

Combining their own compositions with popular Latin American styles of music including Boleros, Cumbias, Joropos and Valses, Los Pitutos are renowned for their unique sound that seduces the senses and captivates the audience.  

The program will include a selection of original songs by the band alongside much-loved covers including Bésame Mucho and Quizas Quizas Quizas.  

Formed in Berlin in 2015, Los Pitutos includes four classically trained young Chilean musicians and one Colombian musician - Álvaro Zambrano, Matías Piñeira, Tomás Peralta, Pablo Camus and Cristián Betancourt.