Hambledon Cottage Guided Tour

By knotias

See real Aboriginal art in Lucas Gallery at Hambledon Cottage – a recent donation of a crafted boab seed pod showing Kimberley people style, along with traditional coolamon, boomerang, seed grinding stones used to make flour, music sticks, even a child’s carved toy emu. 

Guides give you a special view of the turbulent years of settlement. 

Welcome to country was the first impression given to the First Fleet. The British Government in England had no concern for the people already living on the continent but Arthur Phillip, the first governor, did not retaliate when speared in the shoulder by a warrior, thus showing considerable restraint. In fact, he endeavoured to get to know the Aboriginal people.

Conflict arose when it was realised by the Sydney inhabitants that the new arrivals were not simply visiting, they had come to stay.

Explore Hambledon Cottage today and learn about this wonderful connection. Lucas Gallery – Female Factory Exhibition included in cottage guided tour.

Cost: Adults $8, Concession $6, Child $2 payable on site.




Hambledon Cottage Museum
Corner of Hassall St and Gregory Place Parramatta

How much

Adults $8.00, Concession $6.00, Children $2.00 - Payable at Hambledon Cottage


Parramatta & District Historical Society
02 9635 6924