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A stunning immersive production, Dot and the Kangaroo leaps into the digital age and is brought to life using cinema-sized 3D projections, breathtaking aerial performances, live music and dance.

Audiences will delve into a magical world in the Australian bush to explore indigenous flora and fauna, meet a myriad of creatures in their natural habitat, and learn how our actions can affect native wildlife. 

When five-year-old Dot gets lost in the bush, she is rescued by a kangaroo who gives her magic 'berries of understanding' that allow her to follow the languages of all the animals and insects around her. With this new gift, Dot and Kangaroo set out on an action-packed adventure to return her home - an adventure that changes the way she sees the bush, and her place within it, forever.

In addition to an incredible sensory experience, the production delivers an important environmental and social message. John Romeril's clever and sensitive adaption of the original text preserves the environmental message of Pedley's story while bringing Dot and her host of animal friends to life for a new generation.

Suitable for: Ages 4+ and their families