Saint Johns Cathedral
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Projections on St John's Cathedral are a unique and engaging way to learn about the sacrifice that was made for the freedoms and liberties we enjoy.

Anzac Projections on St John's Cathedral

Watch and listen to stories of the ANZACs come to life with large-scale projections across the façade of the historic St John’s Cathedral. Projection art and creative direction by Illuminart. 

St John’s Cathedral, Parramatta
16 – 27 April, Sunrise to Sunset


Projection Art by illuminart

Projection Art by illuminart

The Road to Victory: Battle of Hamel.

The Allied victory 100 years ago on 4 July 1918 in the town of Hamel in northern France was a  largely Australian-planned battle, Australian soldiers launched the offensive on the German military divisions, combining infantry, artillery, tanks and planes for over two kilometres to propel the Allies forward with relatively few losses.

The battle lasted 93 minutes. French President Georges Clemenceau hailed the efforts of Australian troops in the following speech: I shall go back tomorrow and say to my countrymen: "I have seen the Australians, I have looked into their eyes. I know that they, men who have fought great battles in the cause of freedom, will fight on alongside us, till the freedom for which we are all fighting is guaranteed for us and our children.

Projection Art by illuminart

The Parramatta Lancers: Our city’s own Regiment

In 2018, Army Reserve Regiment the Royal NSW Lancers mark the 125th anniversary of their association with our City. The Parramatta Lancers’ Heritage-listed barracks, originally a British garrison, were constructed between 1818 and 1820.

The Parramatta Lancers formed the famous Australian 1st Light Horse at the beginning of World War 1, operating at the Gallipoli Campaign and later in Palestine, where they played a vital role in the legendary cavalry charge at the Battle of Beersheba on 31 October 1917, and the subsequent surrender of the Ottoman Empire on 30 October 1918.