Behind the Scenes Series: Brickpit & Bell Frogs

The Behind the Scenes series is a set of tours run by Sydney Olympic Park delivered by qualified guides, subject experts and special guests. With more than 20 years having passed since the Sydney 2000 Olympics and Paralympics, the precinct is now a vibrant community with more reasons than ever to come and visit – Sydney Olympic Park: one park, many experiences.

The Behind the Scenes series will take you on a deep dive into the industrial and cultural heritage of the site, give an understanding of ecological and environmental considerations, and allow you to discover some of the stories and hidden layers that go beyond our sporting and entertainment venues. Locations such as Newington Armory and the Brickpit are reminders of the complex landscapes we manage, conserve and celebrate.

In this Behind the Scenes Series tour, you will be joined by Special Guests from the Environment & Ecology team at Sydney Olympic Park and the Visitor Programs team to hear first hand the stories this landscape has to share.

Once the site of the former State Brickworks at Homebush Bay, this powerful and dramatic landscape now has a quieter pace. Join the Behind the Scenes tour and be engaged in the layered history of the site from its industrial past to its current role as a biodiversity haven.

Inspect endangered Green and Golden Bell Frog habitat and learn from experts the methods used to manage and protect this threatened species and other fauna that call the Park home. Learn techniques that you can use at home to attract animals to share your backyard.

This tour runs on the following dates:

Date 1: 9 May

Date 2: 25 October 




Brickpit Ring Walk
Brickpit Ring Walk, Marjorie Jackson Parkway

How much

Adults $25 / Concession/Students $20 per person - Buy Tickets


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