Parramatta 2150


"Connecting People, Places and the Past".

Across Australia between 18 April - 19 May, events will be held at historic buildings, landmarks, shipwrecks and sacred sites. The festival will bring together communities from all walks of life to recognise and celebrate heritage and culture through ceremony, song and dance, performance art, art in various media and artifacts, talks on books and stories, and guided tours of towns, places and spaces. Here is what's on offer in Parramatta. 

  • Dairy Cottage Tour - Explore one of Australia’s oldest buildings. Take an exclusive tour at the Dairy Precinct in Parramatta Park.
  • Warami Mittigar - An easy walk along the river and in beautiful Parramatta Park is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with an Aboriginal traditional custodian, learning about connections to land, plant uses, tools, hunting and other aspects of local culture.
  • Step into Parramatta's Past (Chinese Language) - An engaging historic tour of the CBD, looking at how some of our historic sites have shaped the city. Delivered in the Mandarin language.
  • Feisty Females - Celebrate Parramatta’s unsung heroines on this relaxed coach tour visiting a wide range of Parramatta’s significant heritage sites, including the Female Orphan School and Elizabeth Farm.
  • Pubs of Parramatta - Wander through the streets of the Parramatta CBD discovering the locations and stories behind 12 of the earliest hotels in NSW.
  • Discover the Foundations of Parramatta - Discover archaeological sites in Parramatta which are amongst the most significant remains of the early colonial history of New South Wales and underpin the importance of Parramatta as a world class heritage destination.
  • Dangerous Discussions in the Dining Room - Follow in the footsteps of the Governors and join us for an evening of amazing food and great conversation in the dining room at Old Government House.
  • Parramatta North Heritage Festival - This family day is a great opportunity to discover the formerly hidden site. Parramatta North is an amazing precinct that weaves together the stories of Aboriginal Australia, colonial heritage, institutionalisation and our culturally diverse communities.
  • The History of Churches in Parramatta - This talk covers the establishment of the churches of Parramatta. 
  • Introducing Thomas Hobbes Scott - Thomas Hobbes Scott is an important but not often mentioned figure in Australian colonaial history. On several occasions he resided at Hambledon Cottage Parramatta, the current home and house museum of the Parramatta and District Historical Society.
  • Meet the Emancipists and the Exclusives - Spend an evening discussing the politics of the early settlers in the colony of NSW. Meet six of the key personalities of the early colonial era and hear their versions of political life in New South Wales in the 1820's. Ask them questions and debate their different views around a wholesome supper.
  • Female Factory Focus - Visit the first Female Factory site known as ‘the factory above the gaol’, followed by a guided tour of the second Female Factory site, being the first purpose-built Female Factory.
  • An Evening of Sugar & Rum Punch - An evening event of Indian rum punch, Bengal sugar and a candlelight tour of Elizabeth Farm.