ACIAC Art Exhibition: Essence, Energy, Spirit

The artworks for this exhibition were chosen by Guan Wei from his own personal collection. Guan Wei named the exhibition Essence, Energy, Spirit, which aptly captures the recurring themes of his art’s practice. Guan Wei is renowned for creating works that interlace imagery from his Chinese heritage, his life experience in Australia and his personal iconography, working across painting, sculpture and installation. 

The exhibition is comprised of three distinct series of work, this includes Return to the Origin,  Longevity for Beginners and Untitled. Ultimately these works by Guan Wei, remind us of the consequences of a fast paced, technology driven, western lifestyle, too full of angst, can be transcended, if we remember our essence, energy and spirit and how to nurture them.




Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture (ACIAC)
Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture Gallery, Building EA.G.03, Parramatta South Campus, Western Sydney University. Corner of James Ruse Drive and Victoria Road, Rydalmere.

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9685 9944