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Australian Men's Health Forum
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The Australian Men’s Health Gathering is a world-leading event that has been connecting people who are committed to improving the lives of men and boys, for over 20 years.

Australia is one of the World’s healthiest societies, yet men of all backgrounds have less chance of living healthy lives: we die younger; experience more disease and have less access to support services.

Research shows that the best way to improve male health is to tackle the underlying social factors like boys’ education; our experiences of fatherhood; our working lives; our social connections and our access to male-friendly

This year’s Gathering combines the 12th National Men’s Health Conference (first held in 1995) and the 9th National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Male Health Convention.

It is held at a time of renewed interest in Men’s Health nationally and is specifically designed to help us inform and advise Government on the proposed renewal of the 2010 National Male Health Policy.

As well as providing a great opportunity to share your experience with others, make new connections and acquire knowledge and insights that will help you work more effectively with men and boys; taking part in this year’s Gathering will give you a unique opportunity to help us shape the future of male health policy in Australia.

The 2018 Gathering is held under the banner “Working Together to Improve Male Health and Wellbeing”. With this in mind, we welcome abstracts from people of all backgrounds and in particular women working in men’s health and related fields and from people working with men and boys from Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities.