City of Parramatta welcomes public submissions to local events within the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA). If you know of an event that you believe should feature on Discover Parramatta, please feel free to make a submission.

To have your event listed on Discover Parramatta, it must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be open to the general public.
  • It must appeal to a wide audience.
  • It must be held within the Parramatta LGA.
  • It must contain all relevant information prior to submission. Events without a date, time and location will not be published under any circumstance.
  • It must not have a political agenda.
  • It must not be used to advertise a business or commercial activity.

Meeting the above criteria does not ensure your submission will feature on Discover Parramatta. All submissions are subject to final approval by City of Parramatta’s Digital Marketing team who reserve the right to edit all submissions.

Any edits made to an event by the Digital Marketing team would be to ensure consistency on the Discover Parramatta Website. City of Parramatta is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate information for publicly submitted events.

Published content does not necessarily mean that City of Parramatta endorses the event.

Please note that regular activities/programs, such as weekly classes, workshops, seminars or courses, will not be included on the events calendar.

Along with the above requirements, all content submitted to Discover Parramatta must abide by the following content guidelines:

  • Contribute to a positive perception of Parramatta as a place to live, work, study and play.
  • Inspire people to visit and explore the City and LGA by engaging locals and visitors from a diverse range of backgrounds to share the best of their city with the world.
  • Drive community pride and demonstrate the Parramatta region’s offering within greater Sydney.
  • Represent the community accurately, both within the context of other stories on the site and when potentially seen out of context (i.e. when shared on social media).
  • Be suited to the tone and style of writing fitting to a content marketing platform such as Discover Parramatta.
  • Be specific to the Parramatta LGA (or within reasonable distance).
  • Be free from political agendas.
  • Be unlikely to provoke, disrupt, attack or offend members/segments of the community.
  • Not promote activities which could endanger the safety or wellbeing of community members.
  • Be original and lawful (includes no breaches of copyright or defamation).

If you have any questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.

p: (02) 9806 5000