Gelato Messina

By Discover Parramatta

Messina is famous for its huge range of flavours, so it’s really no surprise that they actually have 40 flavours in their cabinet, with 35 traditional flavours and 5 rotating weekly specials. They also make amazing gelato cakes in all kinds of weird and wonderful creations. Messina is a great way to finish a meal, or start a meal, or finish your day, or lunch or anytime really.

Did you know Messina own a daily farm in Victoria for super creamy jersey milk, that the pistachios in the Praline Pistachio come from Bronte, Italy and mangos from Erskine Park, QLD? It all goes into making amazing gelato that we are thankful for.

So pull up a milk crate and have your Messina at their door or get a share pack delivered directly to you


283 Church St, Parramatta