Easing Restrictions from Monday 1 June

By Sheree Gover

New easing of restrictions for pubs, cafes and restaurants

The NSW Government announced further easing of restrictions for some sectors of the hospitality sector from 1 June 2020. From Monday, 1 June,  pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants in NSW will be able to have up to 50 customers on the premises at once. 

  • Venues must follow the four square metre rule.
  • All customers need to be seated.
  • Maximum of 10 customers per booking.
  • Encourage customers to book ahead to avoid queuing.

For further information, visit the NSW Government website

With the eased restrictions starting , standard social-distancing requirements still apply. That means sticking with physical distancing, maintaining four square metres per person indoors, hand and cough hygiene, and frequent cleaning and disinfection.