DOOLEY's Waterview: The Perfect Spot For A Business Lunch In Silverwater

By Discover Parramatta

Business lunches are a great opportunity for working teams to get together and discuss strategies and upcoming business plans. Or, they could be a chance to forget about work altogether and instead focus on strengthening relationships between team members in order to build a more positive working culture.

Another purpose of a business lunch is for a company to treat a client or prospective client to a nice lunch in a gesture of goodwill, in the hope it strengthens ties between business and industry professionals to hopefully spark new business ventures. 

When it comes to choosing the location to host a business lunch, there are some restaurants that are more suitable than others. The perfect spot for a business lunch must be a good balance between casual dining and finer dining. It must have an impressive and varied menu and as well as a good social atmosphere. It should also be a place where business persons can enjoy a beverage or two after the working day has ended.

DOOLEYS Waterview is a Silverwater restaurant that ticks all of these boxes and therefore is a great choice for those planning a business lunch or after-work drinks.

To find out what DOOLEYS has to offer and why it’s one of the best places to eat in Silverwater - especially for business dinners or after-work dining - keep reading.

The Waterview Dining Room

Waterview Dining Room is the perfect casual dining restaurant in Silverwater. It has an impressive dining space and a good ambience to delight all groups and parties. Its seasonal menu is filled with varied dishes to appeal to all tastes and dietary requirements. From salads to pasta to burgers to grilled meats - the menu has every base covered.

What’s more, the restaurant has a selection of craft beers, micro-brews and wines that are the perfect accompaniment to all dishes, which make it a 5-star dining experience. For the best casual dining in Silverwater, choose DOOLEYS Waterview.


Waterview: Perfect for after work events

After the long working day has finished, sometimes there’s nothing better than heading to a cocktail bar in Silverwater and unwinding in the company of your colleagues, friends or family with your favourite tipple in-hand.

DOOLEYS is the perfect place for such an activity. Its relaxed vibe makes it the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer or glass of wine to celebrate the close of business. So, whether you plan on enjoying a relaxing beverage on a weekday evening or whether you’re looking for somewhere to kickstart the weekend festivities, Waterview is the place.

Live Entertainment

Something else that DOOLEYS has on offer is live entertainment and music. Going to local live music events is a fantastic way to create special memories with friends and family because music can spark joy in people all ages! What’s more, supporting local artists is a great way to give back to the community,

Head down to DOOLEYS to enjoy music from talented musicians and be sure to have a night to remember.

Become a member at DOOLEYS today

DOOLEYS is not just a great place to host a business lunch, it’s much more than just that. By becoming a member at DOOLEYS you can take advantage of many perks. You can enjoy their selection of casual dining restaurants, including DOOLEYS’ restaurant in Silverwater; you can join one of many fun social clubs and you can bring the whole family to an evening of live entertainment. 

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