Parramatta is a great place to ride a bike. It is reasonably flat and has good cycle links to Greater Sydney. Riding a bike for short trips is often quicker than driving at peak times, plus it’s a great way to meet people and explore the local neighbourhood.


By riding to work, you can reduce your environmental impact, improve your health and avoid sitting in traffic. In Sydney over 50% of trips are less than 5 km. These can easily be done by bicycle.


Travelling 5-10km by bicycle only takes around 30 minutes.


If you have not cycled for a while start slowly and build up distance and speed over time.


Shopping by bicycle is easy. Get a basket or bike rack or find out if the shop does deliveries for larger purchases.


If you have children, cycle with them to school until they are confident to travel independently.



Some practical cycling tips


If you have not used your bike for a while, check that it’s in good working order before your first ride.


Start with short trips on quiet roads or bike paths before tackling longer trips. If you are riding to work ask your work mates if they cycle. They can be a wealth of information and support.


Combining cycling with public transport is a great way to cover longer distances. Secure bicycle lockers are available at Parramatta Wharf and Parramatta Railway Station. Contact Bicycle NSW ( for more information.



Some of the cycle routes in Parramatta are:


The Parramatta Valley Cycleway starts at Morrisan Bay Park in Ryde and heads west along dedicated bike paths, quiet streets and the river foreshore. Cyclists can ride to Parramatta CBD or explore the connection to Sydney Olympic Park via the Silverwater Bridge.


The two Transit-ways (or T-ways) to the North-West and Liverpool both include shared pedestrian and cycle paths offering a good route to Liverpool via Wetherall Park and to Rouse Hill adjacent to Old Windsor Road.


The M4 Motorway Viaduct Route links Auburn, Granville, Holroyd and the Parramatta CBD via Good Street or Mays Hill.


The Parramatta to Liverpool Rail Trail is nearly 17km long and runs parallel to the railway line through Merrylands, Yennora and Fairfield to Liverpool.


Download your bike map for Parramatta and Westmead here.


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Map Showing Parramatta and Westmead Cycle Paths

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