City Parks

The parks and reserves listed below are located in or close to the Parramatta CBD. They are managed by Parramatta City Council. There are many more parks located across the Parramatta municipality (some 300 of them), and information on these can be found at Parramatta Council's website.  


To reserve an area of a park for a private event, call (+612) 9806 5140.



Barton Park - 114 Gladstone St, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 J13

This 7 hectare park is located on land formerly used as a quarry. It is popular for active sports, with a large sporting field, athletics throwing cages, synthetic long jump track and a grass athletics track. The park also provides picnic facilities, seating and a playground for visitors. Off-street parking is available along Gladstone Street.


Belmore Park - 1a Pennant Hills Rd, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 D13

This 4.9 hectare park contains Richie Benaud Oval, named after the successful Australian cricketer and commentator who was born near the park in North Parramatta. The park provides a large sporting field, picnic tables, cricket nets and a playground. Off-street parking is available along Castle Street.


Dan Mahoney Reserve 75 Gladstone St, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 D13

This 3.3 hectare reserve honours Daniel John Mahoney (1909 - 1996) who was a Parramatta City Alderman and elected as the state member for Parramatta from1959 to 1976. It is now a fully-fenced dog off-leash area and provides seating, water and dog waste disposal facilities for visitors.


Doyle Ground - 12 Buller St, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 D9

This large 7.6 hectare sportsground provides sporting fields, seating, cricket nets, and a fenced playground located at the corner of Buller and Fennell Streets. Off-street parking is available along Buller, Fennell, Isabella and Macarthur Streets around the park.


James Ruse Reserve - 45 Hassall St, HARRIS PARK
UBD: Map 211 F4

This reserve adjoins Robin Thomas Reserve and is on land that was part of James Ruses (1760-1837) 30 acre land grant. It was on this land that Ruse planted and harvested the first successful agricultural crop in Australia. The reserve is popular with local skaters as it provides a large skating facility including bowl and street-styles components. Paid off-street parking is available on Hassall Street.


Old Saleyards Reserve - 120 Macarthur St, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 H13

This popular sporting reserve is located on land formerly used as livestock saleyards. It provides sporting fields and off-street parking along Macarthur Street.


Ollie Webb Reserve - 37a Glebe St, PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 211 A6

This 5.7 hectare sporting reserve was named after Horace Oswald Webb (1891-1960) who was elected to Council's Parramatta ward in 1948 and served until his death in 1960. It provides sporting fields, picnic facilities, seating, BBQs, a 1/3 basketball court and a playground for visitors. Off-Street parking is available along Glebe Street.


Prince Alfred Square - 353d Church St, PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 C16

This historic park is on the site of Australias first gaol which was completed in 1797. The park is named in honour of Prince Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, who was the 2nd son of Queen Victoria. In 1867/68 he became the first British monarch to visit Australia. The park contains formal gardens, a rotunda and seating for visitors. It hosts a number of major events throughout the year including New Years Eve celebrations.


Robin Thomas Reserve - 143 George St, PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 211 F4

As of October 2012 Robin Thomas Reserve will be closed to all mid week bookings. This will ensure that the fields receive the required renovations and sufficient time for regeneration after a damaging winter season. The facility will be reinspected in the New Year and a decision will be made in regards to its reopening. Bookings made for school use and cricket on weekends however will not be affected.


Rosella Park - 43a Wigram St, HARRIS PARK
UBD: Map 211 E7

Rosella Park is a busy neighbourhood park named after the well-known brightly coloured native parrot. Rosellas were known in the area as the noisy birds. Locals called the birds 'Rose Hillers' after the suburb Rosehill (as Parramatta was originally known), and over time the words combined to become Rosellas. The park provides seating, picnic facilities and a playground for kids.


Sherwin Park - 38a Isabella St, NORTH PARRAMATTA
UBD: Map 191 F13

This pretty park commemorates the Sherwin family, in particular Sergeant William Sherwin who was the chief constable at Parramatta and his son William Jamieson Sherwin who was the first native-born Australian to qualify as a doctor. The reserve is popular with local families and youth as it provides a playground, seating, picnic facilities and a basketball court.

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