Pacific Women's Voices 

With a deep sense of pride in their heritage, these three spectacularly talented women create a fusion/soul sound that audiences everywhere can appreciate.

Rosie hails from the shores of Wellington, New Zealand and combines her Pacific culture with her classical training. Her gifted vocals have seen her work around the globe, as well as release her EP ‘Everything’s Rosie’.

Sheba Williams is a glamorous and unique performer, born in New Zealand with Guyanese heritage. She has a repertoire of hundreds of songs in many styles, which she can sing and speak in several languages including Mandarin and German.

Teen singer and song writer Mi-kaisha tells raw stories of love, loss and connections through her soulful pop R’n’B sounds, strong lyrics, and phenomenal voice. Her original music has been played on Triple J and she has an international audience with over 5 million views on YouTube. Mi-kaisha is passionate about writing music with contemporary Indigenous themes and honours her Dharumbal Aboriginal identity in her music.