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What clothing should I bring?
Walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. If it looks like rain, you will need an umbrella, since the tour rarely venture under covered areas.

How long does the DigiMacq tour take?
The full tour could take as little as 45 minutes, but this depends on your physical fitness level and whether you want to look at other
things along the way.

Can I download the DigiMacq application on site?
Because of the size of the media content you will not be able to download the content over 3G connections. The council does not offer free wifi. There are a few free wifi points through out the city

How much battery will the tour consume?
Our testing suggests around 10-15%. Your mileage may varying depending on the age of your device and the life of your battery.

Can I use my iPod to take the tour?
This is an iPhone/iPod touch application not a podcast. So it will not run on a music only iPod.

Can I use my iPad?
Yes. The application will play on the iPad. You can even watch it in 2x play mode. We don't have a version that fully takes advantage of the iPad's bigger screen.

Is there a place where I can charge up my iPhone/iPod Touch?
Council cannot provide charging facilities for your iPhone/iPod Touch. Remember to charge up your device the night before you come, or perhaps it's time to invest in that car charger you've been thinking about purchasing!

Can two people take the tour with one iPod Touch?
Sure, if you really want to. But you will have to provide your own headphone splitter and second set of headphones.

I'm trying to enter the codes but I can't find them. Are they on the web?
No. The codes are presented on physical signs in Parramatta. Make sure that you have selected ‘No’ when asked whether you are Visiting Parramatta, if you truly are not about to take the tour.

I've indicated that I was in Parramatta accidentally, but the application is asking me for to enter the codes. What do I do?
Quit the application and leave it for around 5 minutes. Make sure you say No when you are asked whether you are visiting Parramatta.

Can the codes be entered in any order?
No. The order that you enter the codes is important. It won't be accepted if the order is incorrect.

I get a "no data" message when the web page tries to open after I have asked for directions or when I have finished the tour.
Your device doesn't have access to the Internet when you tried this. There is no WiFi available as part of the tour.

I need to stop the tour to take a phone call do I have to start again?
The application should ask you whether you wish to resume from approximately where you left off. It won't remember the exact point in the movie. Just make sure to click Resume when the application starts again.

Can I show some people the tour when I get home or does it only run once?
If you start the application again, it will ask if you want to start again from the beginning (Restart).

Will this work on iPhone 4 / iOS4?
At this time (before launch) we are not qualified against iOS4. But we are currently working on the changes required. We don't support the new resolution that iPhone offers, however.



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