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The "Discover Parramatta" website highlights the entertainment, cultural and heritage attractions of this historic and vibrant city. It is a site for people living in Parramatta and the rest of the New South Wales as well as those visiting from other states and countries.


"Discover Parramatta" will help you find out about:

* The wide range of activities and events on offer each year
* The variety of historical, sporting and cultural attractions
Accommodation, travel and transport
* Special deals on the Freebies and Cheapies page (once live)
* The 180+ food outlets, which reflect the cultural diversity of the area AND satisfies your taste and budget


"Discover Parramatta" is produced by City of Parramatta Council with the support of local organisations and businesses as well as the good people of Parramatta.  

 "Discover" and search

At the top of each site page there is a standard site search facility where you enter keywords and the site gives you a page with results that match those words.


In addition, the left hand column of most pages contains a "Discover" tool. This tool uses a combination of drop-down menus and multiple-selection checkboxes to allow you to search for information using some or all of the following criteria:

* What: Type of event or activity you are interested in
* Where: The location (you can make more than one selection)
* Who: Are you after something for the whole family or just the kids
* When: Find out what is on tomorrow or next month


You can also use the "Discover" tool to filter or refine search results.



"Eating Out" search

The left hand column of the "Eating Out" section of the site has a search tool that is similar to the "Discover" tool.


The "Eating Out" search tool uses multiple-selection checkboxes to allow you to search using some or all of the following criteria:

* Where: The different dining districts in the Parramatta area
* Cuisine: The types of food, eg Modern Australian, Middle Eastern, etc
* Venue: The types of establishments, e.g. Café, Restaurant, Club
* Opening Time: Breakfast, lunch, evenings
* Average Main Price: Indication of main course cost using four categories of price


There is also keyword search where you can search by special interests or dietary requirements.


Visitors' comments and contributions

In the future, the “Discover Parramatta” site would like to ask you to comment on events, places of interest, and other activities taking place in and across the city. We also plan to allow you to use the "Discover Parramatta" site to share your photos of Parramatta with others. Please keep an eye out for these upgrades in future renditions of the site. Only registered site users will be able to submit comments and content.




We have attempted whereever possible to comply with the recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines in order to make the "Discover Parramatta" site accessible to people who access the site with screen readers and other devices. The site can also be used with just the keyboard and not the mouse. If you wish to provide feedback on the site’s accessibility, please contact Solaire Eggert on 9806 5730.




If you have any comments about this site or suggestions please let us know.


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